It’s Week 5

of six weeks.

And just like that a month and a half will be over before I know it. YIKES.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve aged so much. There are times when I feel like I’m still a young teenager figuring stuff out. Instead, I’m actually an adult navigating life.

I’m basically a camp counselor this summer. I forfeited working at my job of almost four years to do this. In a way, I wanted to relive my high school years. But the other half was that I hadn’t had a valid reason to leave that previous job.

Okay, I had multiple reasons. But none of them were convincing enough, to be honest.

So I was head over heals getting this job. I’d been involved in a variation of this program in my youth. And now I had a chance to reciprocate this feeling to other youths now that I had aged.

And these kids stole my heart. As bratty, shy, awkward, tall, short, wide, small, smart as they are with me. I love the kids I was assigned.

There was a breakthrough in the group that brought me to tears. That brought most of us to tears. And, in that moment, all I could think was that Jamie is right. Our lives will have multitudes of inanimate things in our lives that can make us happy. But people, more than anything else, will make life worth living for. And my kids realize that this program allows them this opportunity. To be comfortable around all kinds of people and to believe that better things are out there.

That’s why I can’t believe it’s week five. I can recall how awkward and uncaring they were to leave me when their parents checked them out at the end of the week, And now, they leave me with a saddened voice that screams their unwillingness to depart. However, we both accept that the break is needed. Even if it’s a big indication that the end approaches.

I won’t ever get over my kids ❤

Even if they’re not biologically mine. Phantoms.


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