To that girl who wanted so bad out of her hometown.

She wants nothing more now than to go back now. Instead, she finds herself seated more than a hundred miles away from her old home.

Even though her new home is less than thirty miles away.

What is home?

The ability to call a portion of a place yours for the night, week, month, or year?

No. Home is feeling safe in the familiar.

At this present moment, the problem is I feel too safe with my familiars who aren’t really my familiars. And yet, I don’t feel safe at all because they are not my actual familiars. But I’m attached.

I know that I should move after Sundays blurred events…just like I should have left work all those years ago when Robby became my boss. You’d’ve thought I’d’ve learned my lesson by now, right? But it’s still the same conundrum as then.

How do you leave something that means so much to you, so much that you let it engulf you so well?

It’s never an easy procedure to endure.

I just wanna crawl in my mom’s bed and have her hug me. To make me feel like it’ll be all right in the end. Because there is a high chance this will never be okay again. And, I need the courage to confront what the future holds from this point forward. I will need to be okay.

My graduation depends on my sanity in dealing with this situation.

The girl who wanted so bad out of her hometown was so young back then. She didn’t understand how good she had it.


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