Farewell, Obama/Biden

Thank you for all that you have done for this nation for the past eight years.

And though the future of the United States is currently unsure, I hope that we will once again have amazing leaders such as you and your administration provided us.

I saw and felt the change that your administration created. It was great seeing all the good things that had been bad once change.

My ability to finish my associate’s degree sooner rather than later is a testament to this. Although it was hard at first, it was bearable. I don’t know if I would find myself right now in the same situation if things hadn’t gone the way they did. For that, I am thankful.

My parents are in better health than they were years ago. They’re not where they should be, but they’re not worse either. It honestly comes down to them being able to receive the care that they need. Especially since they’re in their mid-fifties.

It breaks my heart to have to say goodbye. And I hope our nation is ready to embrace the change, whether it be good or bad. We will weather through these next four years. I can only hope your successors learn a thing or two from you in how to be an excellent president.

Once again, just two words: Thank You.


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