Indecisive Future

Not everything is certain in life. I can attest to that from the twenty three years of living I have had.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I aged again last Monday. Insert #NobodyLikesYouWhenYoureTwentyThree quotes.

The matter of the fact in my life is that right now I for sure do not know where I am going. I can’t move on from where I am sitting to decide what my next step is. I can’t because all of the options I took are still unclear. I would love to know where I’m stepping next so I can move on with my life and close this current chapter to start the next.

When I thought I was staying I took a huge leap in deciding I would actively try to find a new romantic relationship. And when I found out I could possibly go to school away from home, I decided to stop the search and act nonchalantly about my personal relationships.

But now I sit here the possibility of not knowing the answer. Of losing a year of school. Which isn’t horrible. But it isn’t what I wanted or had planned. And as I think about my current options, I think I’ll take a chance. I’ll see if I am accepted. If not, I’ll just apply for next term and I’ll work my butt off right now and save money. I mean, I do have a new car to pay for and dreams I want to accomplish. I’ll find an internship. I’ll do something. What I will not do is keep working at my current cafe and bakery being miserable and barely making ends meet.

Time for a change. A revolutionary 2016.


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